Welcome to The Wanderers Blog!

Seek inspiration for your next trip by tracking the Wanderers on the go!!

This blog belongs to all the Wanderers who are on the move, who like to share their travel stories with the world, interesting information about the destination they are exploring, travel tips, must-do activities.. anything that they’d love to share during the trip..

* Post about their travel stories, tips and favourites.
* Experiences of their stay arrangements at fabulous hotels
* Their absolute recommended must-do activities?
* Best eating joints, mouth-watering restaurants that one shouldn’t miss?
* Favourite place to get shopping fixes?
* Celebrity they spotted during the trip?
* Best travel picture/ video that captures their “Magic Moment”
All this or any general story about their trip experience that would help others rediscover familiar places or learn more about unusual offbeat destinations.  Take a few minutes to lose yourself, be informed and inspired!

Follow the comments below as our clients reply with their holiday experiences across the globe!

Keep Wandering!

The Wanderers

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3 Responses to Welcome to The Wanderers Blog!

  1. Shwetha says:

    Invite all our Wanderers clients on-the-go to comment and share their interesting travel tid-bits!

  2. Abhik says:

    Nice to see you having a ball with cross dressers and pork pizza’s..waiting for your arctic circle post!

  3. Shwetha says:

    Grt! & some pictures as well :)

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