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Why Uzbekistan
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Why Uzbekistan - Uzbekistan Tour Packages

The allure of Central Asia's vast deserts, soaring mountains, and seemingly endless steppe is little changed since the intrepid Venetian Marco Polo ventured through the region in the thirteenth century. And today, whilst we write this, the lure is still there - like the call of a siren.

Uzbekistan...the cradle of culture for more than two millennia, is the proud home to a spellbinding arsenal of architecture and artifacts, all deeply infused with the raw, fascinating history of the country. Bisected by the Silk Road - the 2,000- year-old trade route that linked Europe to China - the country is dotted with museum-quality ruins and architecture from the Middle Ages.

And add to it - throw in a countryside of canyons, mountain forests and prehistoric glaciers, and the Stans begin to sparkle beneath their raw edges.

It's position at the center of the Great Silk Road made it witness to the rise and fall of several civilizations whose cultures are woven into the fabric of the country. The blue domes and minarets of the mosques, the churches and synagogues, the multi-ethnic towns, and a variety of national cuisines are all reminders of the many cultures that have left their mark here. It's a country soaked in a medley of colors and flavors...which is what makes it truly a Wanderers' delight.
Best time to visit:

It's a roast or freeze the best time to wander would be end March, April, May, September and October.
The peak winters would touch - 15 deg C and summers would cross +55 deg C.


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