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FAQs : Corporate travel

Why The Wanderers for your company conferences?

When you are dealing with people who are important or integral to the company, then how they are treated, cared for and attended to is of paramount importance to you. Therefore choosing the right partner who has the right credentials for personalised handling of such groups are the most important thing to consider. It is here that we score over other larger, more famous brands. Our delivery is wrapped in care, warmth and personal touch while theirs is a kind of factory output- same product and treatment to all kinds of clients. We take ownership of the clients problem and give a customised solution to these issues as opposed to the 'factory output' offered by other agencies. It is these benefits that have prompted clients to entrust their most important delegates to our care time and again.

What are the Events that The Wanderers can arrange?

The Wanderers specialise in unique and offbeat travel experiences in luxury, comfort and style, to the far corners of India and the world. We organize Meetings, Conferences and Team Building Programs with a Difference, both in India & overseas for various Corporates.

How are The Wanderers conference arrangement different than other brands offering similar services?

Our USP is organizing a conference and using this occasion to create a team building programme (usually a full day and includes adventure activities depending on the location) in the outdoors at the place of your choice as opposed to a 'routine' and 'normal' sightseeing trip. These two words do not exist in our dictionary. For example, in a typical 3night/4day conference format, one full day is devoted to a high energy activity designed to 'bond' the delegates over a span of 6-8hrs. This is our forte and companies that have already experienced the same have given our programme a '2 thumbs up'!

What different kinds of Conferences/Meetings do The Wanderers arrange?

The Wanderers can arrange for:
(1)Conferences for Functional Teams like :
(2)Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Exports etc
(3)Incentives Groups
(4)Dealer meetings
(5)Partner/Board Meetings
(6)Special Interest Groups like CME/Symposias for Medical fraternity everything including the travel, transportation, stage set up, gifting options, theme gala dinners will be taken care of by The Wanderers!

Can other entertainment activities also be arranged as part of the conference?

Yes The Wanderers can arrange for other entertainment activities like Fire shows, Dances, Music Performances, Local sight seeing, adventure & water sports.

What is the nature of Team Building Activities that The Wanderers specialise in?

The Team Building Activity is custom designed to meet the customer requirements like:
(2)Enhanced Effectiveness
(3)Customer focussed
(4)Out of box thinking
(5)Performing under pressure

What are the methods employed during the course of the Team Building Programs?

The Team Building Programs utilize various group activities to achieve the clients objectives : e.g. intellectual or physical activities that pit teams against each other to bring out the best in the team, fun activities to foster bonding amongst team mates, creative activities to enhance innovativeness at the work place, adventure activities like rappelling to facilitate the risk taking appetite of teams

What locations can these activities be arranged at?

The Conferences can be arranged anywhere in the world depending on the client preference based on the Group size, time of year the conferences is planned, activities desired etc. Team Building activities are planned close to the metros so as to maximise the actual time spent on the activity itself when planned as single/week-end events. They can also be in-corporated as part of a Conference.

What are some of The Wanderers clients?

The Wanderers has been in the industry for 11 years working with major Indian and MNC in the country across various industries like FMCG, finance, pharma, banking and insurance etc. See our customer testimonials to get more details!

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