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FAQs :

How can I book a tour with The Wanderers?

The Wanderers is not an online booking agency. We do not offer instant bookings for any of our services since your holidays will often be complex, thus requiring a fair degree of interaction and careful planning. You could contact us in the following ways: 1.If you know fairly well what you want: Go to the Trip Planner section on the website and fill up the form. It will take you all of 5 mins to fill this up. Once we receive the detailed enquiry from you, our expert Trip Planner will get in touch with you. 2.If you are not sure what you want but have an idea: Fill up any of our ?Quick enquiry?forms (located at the bottom of every page on the site as a pink. Once we receive this form, our Trip Planner will get in touch with you. 3.If you just want to send a mail with your thoughts: Write to us at 4.In case you feel you want to have a chat to figure out what you want: Please feel free to call us at any of our offices nearest to you geographically.

What is the difference between booking a holiday through The Wanderers and booking a trip on an Online Travel Portal?

With the mushrooming of Online Travel Portals (OTP) or online booking sites all over the world, the client now has access to an instant booking platform for his sudden travel needs. But this also means that in the absence of expert travel advise from these online portals, the vast array of choices can often be confusing. Here are a few differences between TW and OTPs. Depending on the requirement of the client, he/she should choose carefully. 1. Instant booking option: If you are looking for an instant booking option like a railway ticket, a bus ticket, a flight ticket, a hotel room, an activity, a ticket to a concert etc, you could book online as it gives you a 24x 7 access. Its also assumed that you know what you are looking for and are keen to book instantly.The operative word here is instant.The biggest strength of an OTP is their instant booking option facility on the website.But its important to understand the buying process of OTPs. Most people assume that once they have paid with their credit card and received a confirmation advise of the booking from the OTP, their deal is done and dusted. That may be the case when it comes to a train or airline ticket (still its important to double check with the airline). But when it comes to booking a hotel room or an activity or a service like a car or transport and specially a tour, thats far removed from the truth. The fact is that most portals still have to make that booking after they receive your payment. They will have to send a mail to a hotel (or various hotels depending on how many of them you have booked), to the various service providers (like an activity provider or a transport agency or the guides or the restaurants etc) to start the booking process. They will then receive a mail from the various providers confirming or rejecting the request (depending on availability) and it will take them a while to get everything into place. Much like a normal bricks and mortar Travel Company like The Wanderers, its mostly a manual affair at the backend and what then matters is diligence and execution excellence and not the instant booking convenience. 2. Product range:TW offers the evolved traveller a wide range of unique experiences in over 100 countries around the world. Our website showcases many of these unique programmes. We carefully select them after thorough research, which includes our recce trips to these destinations and meeting our local specialist partners. We do not list options for a wide range of hotels or a service like a car hire etc. OTP?s would have a large variety of such hotels on offer. Eg, in a single city like Bangkok, their websites may showcase 100 hotels from a 5 star to a 3 star. Some clients get easily confused by these listings and are unsure of what to book. With TW, our product range is narrower as we have pre selected what we feel are the best-suited options for our clients. 3. Single point of contact: At TW, you will have a single point of contact throughout your trip planning and execution stage. It?s not the case with an OTP. Eg, if are planning to travel to Namibia, then the trip planning will be taken care of by person X. During the trip, if you face any problems in Namibia and need amendment of booking or a solution to a particular problem, a simple call to person X who understands your requirements and with whom you would by now have a close personal bond will pro actively work towards solving your problem with the help of our local partner. With an OTP, your problem will have to be addressed to a call centre executive with whom a whole new rapport would have to be established. Not that it doesn?t work, but its helpful to have a ?friend? a call away! 4. TW scores consistently high in the following parameters as opposed to an OTP: Ability to handle complex itineraries, execution excellence, customer service, after sales management (proactive redressal of complaints/refunds if any), accessibility during crisis and for consultation, our range of unique experiences, knowledge of our sales and product team & personalization of (and during) the trip. In case these parameters rank higher in your travel fulfillment criteria, then planning a trip with The Wanderers would make sense. However, if instant booking of a travel service or brand visibility or the convenience of making payment by credit card is of utmost importance, then an OTP should be considered.

How can I make a payment for the tour?

We have several easy payment options available with us depending on where you stay. Please refer to the 'Payment Options'page on our site for more details.

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