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The Wanderers - International & domestic tour operator offering customized tour packages since 1997

Our raison d'etre..

The Wanderers was formed with a view to promoting unconventional and offbeat holidays for the discerning traveller. Our tours are for those who would like to explore the land and its people, for those who wish to uncover the superficial layers that can never reflect the truth of a great culture and to finally discover the real gem that shines within. The idea is to show people a world that exists beyond brochures and boundaries, beyond luxuries and beyond imagination! The stupendous natural beauty, the cultural diversity, the exotic flora and fauna, the historic sites steeped in time and the warm and gentle people will all be a part of your travel experience. For the days you spend with us, we will be the catalyst watching you evolve as you experience the magic that unfolds.


The first thing that you will notice about this site is our unusual selection of places and a rather interesting and uncommon range of tours. While most tour operators offer run of the mill tours, The Wanderers go a few steps beyond and offer you a diverse mix of tours to choose from. Our clients are those who stand out from the crowd and demand indepth, offbeat, personalised and uncommon experiences on our tours to fulfil their travel wishlist. They push the limits of travel to enrich their lives. In the process, they push us to create a different genre of travel that we call 'travel without boundaries'.

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The Wanderers are..

Abhik Dutta

An Army brat, Abhik Dutta's love for the Himalayas started at the age of 10, when he began studying in the little known hill station of Kurseong that lies under the shadow of its more famous cousin, Darjeeling. The frequent picnics in the tea gardens, the chugging of the toy train, the distant views of the mighty Khangchendzonga range, the midnight trek to Tiger Hill, Senchal Lake as well as to the Balason river valley tugged at his heart and many years later he returned to promote the areas in which he grew. After a short stint in the corporate world, he met up with two close friends who shared his passion for travel and together they started The Wanderers. With his special love for the Himalayas, he has traveled the the length and breadth of the Indian Himalayas. Some of his most memorable forays have been through Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, the dimly lit backstreets of Thailand to the temples and erstwhile 'killing fields' of Cambodia. Other adventures both foolhardy and exciting have caught up with him in the Amazon, the glaciers of New Zealand, the Arctic Circle, the skies of Namibia, the silk route in Uzbekistan, the pubs of Budapest and other places. Passionate about bird watching and fishing and inept at both, he hopes someday he will land himself a fish. He dreams of having a mountain lodge near a stream with loads of rainbow trout in it and birds above it.

Ashis Das

Ashis Das met Abhik in college in Kolkata and thereafter the two drifted in various directions. His occasional disappearance in the midst of work to surface hours later in a remote hamlet in Darjeeling or Sikkim (and even Bangladesh, a fact he rarely admits!) baffled his bosses and family alike.
Chucked the rigours of the nine to five job for his first love - the mountains, he dived   headlong into forming The Wanderers. Today, he is the backbone of the firm and is the 'figures' guy and work takes him to some incredible places in search of wilderness lodges & quality 'chhang.' He has forayed into off beat locales across the Himalayas, as well as places in Tasmania, Indonesia, China, Borneo, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, Finland, the Rockies etc and just ONE quality snap to establish his reputation as a photographer! (Of late, digital technlogy has come to his aid and he has come up with snaps that have finally met with critical acclaim!)

Rajinder Singh

Leaving behind the world of computers, travel caught up with him when he first travelled into the mystic Himalayas. And since then the lure of Himalayas still continues. Ofcourse, ask him to recount the sordid tales and he would do it for a song! His dream: To take a year off, driving through all of India and searching for an ideal piece of land in the shadows of the Himalayan range and building a small cottage to hang up his boots some day. In his spare time he'll be up in the Himalayas or dangling 100ft up on a tree house in the rainforests of Northern Kerala trying to figure out why he exists. His travels have led him to sky diving in New Zealand and 'dipping' his feet in the waters of Mauritius; to finding bio-diversity hotspots in Thailand, Halong Bay & Malaysia; 'Veg Chinese food' in Hong Kong; offbeat tracks in Wales, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Italy and self drive routes in South Africa and Australia!

Shobita Louis

Shobita Louis is our General Manager-Operations. Efficient, dedicated and affable, she is hard to beat. A dog lover she spends her Sundays caring for strays in and around South Mumbai. Her hobbies are music, movies and indulging in 'retail therapy'. Her dream holiday would be in Naples with George Clooney for company. A workaholic, she knocks off 11 hours a day (minimum). Stood 1st in the 'I know America' course conducted by Globus/Cosmos for Travel Agents across India. Way to go..

Parthasarathy Das

Parthasarathy Das

Parthasarathy Das, is our Accounts Manager and shows us the money. He is our Agony Aunt and hears out all our problems with a patient ear.. Our "Outdoor Expert" and a regular fixture at our corporate programmes...right from balancing our tents and our balance sheets, we can always 'lean' on him. What would we ever do without him?

Farah Bode

Farah Bode

Farah Bode, is our Deputy Sales Manager.  And her passion is Outbound sales...followed by music - Arabic, 80's, Latin, and Andrea Bochheli's Operas (we are still trying to figure that one out). Besides, she enjoys interior designing, dancing and shopping in the bustling streets of Crawford Market. On an off day you will find her at the shack with her Mc Gang (whatever that means). She has widely travelled in Canada, US, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Kenya, France and Italy. 


Alifiya Calcuttawala

Our Kolkata office is headed by Alifiya Calcuttawala (her surname hasn't changed!). She is widely traveled herself and shares a passion for travel just like the rest of us. In fact she has traveled extensively with The Wanderers (prior to opening our Kolkata branch) and knows all the quirks that a wanderer exhibits. For her it's a home coming of sorts too, considering her penchant for travel. We remember her walking into our Kolkata office in 1998 and signing up for an obscure tour in the Himalayas (where she was possessed by a 'ghost'! No, wanderers dont do ghost tours yet). Alifiya will be catering to both individual as well as corporate travel enquiries in India and abroad from her base in Kolkata.

The Wanderers in Gujarat : Keyur Dave

Keyur Dave

For someone who believes that 'happiness is positive cash flow', it's hardly surprising that Keyur should be having the additional responsibility of showing us the money in Gujarat! Loves the Himalayas and wildlife and has an eye for detail and dreams about living out of a 'modern hut' in the wilderness!

The Wanderers in Gujarat : Sarang Bhatt

Sarang Bhatt

Sarang Bhatt loves the mountain more than his family (though his wife doesn't know it yet). Is a self-confessed travel freak and a keen wildlife and trekking enthusiast. Has wandered in Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand besides covering the length and breadth of India. Would like to go to the South Pole someday. Right now he would love to do something for the big cat..the tiger (but doesn't quite know what..)

The Wanderer in Pune : Shilpa Maithili Barve

Shilpa Maithili Barve

Shilpa Maithili Barve was a bharal (blue sheep found in high altitudes) in her previous birth. What else explains her decision to drag a 'brand new husband' for 2 weeks on her honeymoon in the wilderness of North Sikkim where locals fear to tread in winter! Has travelled around the world with her husband who is a 'shippie' but calls Pune her base camp. Has travelled extensively to remote parts of India. Wants to get some answers about life and settle in a remote mountain place ('though maybe once I get the answers I would not need to go anywhere!!').

The Wanderer in Nagpur: Farzana Haque



The Wanderers has opened its 7th office in Nagpur with Farzana at its helm!   An architect by profession, who for the last 6 years successfully ran a popular travel branch office at Pune is an avid traveler herself.  Her expertise in destination knowledge and clear understanding of client requirement has always assured the best of service to our customers.





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Mr. Prabhakar Shah

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